​Kinesiology tape is a  elastic tape that supports your muscles,  reduces pain and limits your swelling. The flexible tape can help quicken the healing process from injuries and provide structural support to allow 24/7 therapudic benefits.

  • Analyze your golf swing focusing on proper posture and body alignment
  • Improve muscle flexible and pain while decreasing stiffness utilizing manual therapy
  • Improve swing "wind-up" and follow-through with golf specific strengthening exercises
  • Maintain strength, flexibility, power, and endurance, espically in the off season.
  • Prevent further injury

At TBTW, we have ways to keep you healthy even after you are done with PT. This will help you further "Heal your body, live your life!"  

Dry needling is good for chronic conditions, or anything that has been bothering you for longer than 3 months.  It works with many conditions such as: muscle knotting, muscles spasms, tendonitis, migraines/headaches, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, Golfer’s elbow/Tennis elbow or epicondylitis, and many other conditions.  It can also remove scar tissue surrounding nerves and improve the functioning of the nerve. Dry needling will break up muscle knotting or spasms and break up scar tissue.  

The purposes of massage range from promoting circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, to relaxation of muscles, relief from pain, as well as restoration of metabolic balance.  Massage has shown benefits to improve your health both physically and mentally.  There are various massage therapy modalities that relate to the maintenance of physical, mental and emotional health.  Many of those techniques encourage relaxation, increase the movements of body fluids and sooth the nervous system.

Cold Laser Therapy (or CLT), is an extremely effective way to manage pain and accelerate the healing process in new and chronic (old) injuries.  The overall results on a patient can be seen in the form of the reduction or complete elimination of pain, decrease in edema or inflammation, and accelerated tissue healing by rates up to 40 percent. The best part about CLT is that it is safe for virtually everyone! 

Wellness Services: