"After having total knee surgery my surgeon wrote me an order to attend TBTW. I was put in the right place at the right time. When I first started at this therapy clinic my pain was very, very intense; some days i could hardly make it. With the professional help from Mrs. Sara Morrison and her wonderful staff I could feel improvement. I am now off my walker and my cane. I started improving! I told my family and friends about this clinic and about the caring staff. Mrs. Morrison has lots of care and concern for all of her patients. Her inner spirit is wonderful and with profession all of this helps with the healing process. The Cold Laser Therapy is wonderful and all of my activities are great at the clinic. Hats off to such a great place to get going again!"


"I have been coming to Total Body Therapy for 5 weeks. My therapy is for my leg which was corrected with a rod from a fracture. The staff is very kind, helpful, patient and caring. I have seen so much improvement in my leg health since I started coming. I look forward to the end result and complete healing of my leg."


        "It is a joy to have a place called Total Body Therapy & Wellness in Lillington, NC. Sara Morison, the owner, is such a kind, caring person. She takes each person meets each need they have. She shows and does the exercises so you will know how to do it. She is so good with all ages. We would like for TBTW to stay in Lillington so we Senior adults will have a closer place to go and will not have to go to Sanford, Dunn or Fuquay when so many other things we have to travel so far to meet our needs. All of Sara's workers are kind and nice and so helpful. They all work together to make you feel good."


 "Several years ago I had to go to a physical therapist. I was quite nervous having never been to such an activity before. Meeting Sara Morrison dispelled all my fears. Needless to say we got along just fine throughout my healing. She was at that time working for another clinic but it closed. Out-of-business was not Sara, so she started her own wellness center and its success has been at her managing and people expertise. Her staff has always been first rate and as patient-oriented and caring as she. Her husband Erik assists Sara in all business matters and is supportive of her as she conducts one-on-one patient therapy programs. Her love for people is as genuine as she. It has been and is a privilege for me to see these young people on a road to success. I guess it's not just a job for her, but a love affair."


I came to TBTW for physical therapy on my neck to avoid surgery. Before physical therapy I was having difficulty sleeping, concentrating at work, and doing daily tasks. I am graduating physical therapy with the ability to sleep, concentrate, and feel “normal again” while being pain free! The TBTW staff is wonderful- from the front desk to the therapist and assistances! If I need physical therapy in the future I will use TBTW again!


 "I was a patient following a knee replacement, I had a very positive experience. Everyone was so encouraging and helpful. The staff is full of good energy and uplifting spirit. They always listened. Exercises were modified to your own personal needs and abilities. I highly recommend physical therapy with this group. They are the sweetest people you will ever have the privilege of meeting. The owner Sara Morrison is not someone who is behind the scenes. She is hands on and involved with every patient- from your very first visit. The atmosphere is always upbeat and positive. It's like having your own personal cheering section. They are like an extended family. I love them all."


"During my time at Campbell, I had the privilege of interning/working under the supervision of physical therapist, Sara Morrison. During this time I learned a great deal from Sara about patient care and how to provide exceptional customer service. I have worked with many physical therapist over the last five years as a physical therapy technician and feel that Sara is one of teh best I have worked with. As a student, there were very few places in Harnett County that I could complete my internship."


"Having a place to intern while I was attending Campbell University was great. I appreciate Total Body Therapy & Wellness for the opportunity and experience I had there. It was a vital part of my educational experience. It continues to be a great place for Campbell students to intern."


 "This place is PRICELESS! If you want to keep moving and be able to take care of yourself "Total Body Therapy & Wellness" is definitely the place for treatment. The loving, caring spirit of the staff is also a plus."



I came to TBTW for physical therapy for low back pain. Before physical therapy I was having difficulty walking and bending. After physical therapy, it is easier to bend and reach and I can walk a little faster. With the exercises and physical therapy my pain is less and more bearable. I think the physical therapy program is great and very beneficial even to those like me with constant pain!